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We live in such a competitive world that we need to find new ways to impress.
Roiback has launched Mobilis Pro, a 100% mobile designed solution that streamlines the reservation process and facilitates the direct sale through the mobile phone.
The proportion of mobile vs. desktop of the mobile channel bookings are growing at a rate of 20% more in the first half of the year.
BCN Urban Hotels has been the first hotel chain to benefit from this new functionality.
The 25th anniversary of the World Travel Awards ceremony took place last 30th June in Athens, Greece.
This guide is a compilation of everything that a company or an entrepreneur has to consider when opening a virtual business.
There’re many ways to generate traffic to our website, but they will be of little use if we cannot deliver what the user is looking for.
The new version of the Backhotel 4.5 engine from Roiback will allow the Palma-based hotel chain to achieve improvements in conversion rates of up to 21%.
It is evident, and no one can deny it, that the ways hotels are commercialized have changed and marketing strategies have also changed.