News & product updates


A representation of our IT department is undergoing this week at our Palma office an advanced training of VMware.
Mauricio Rodríguez, our Scrum Master at Roiback's HQ in Palma, talks about the importance of using agile methodologies to help create an optimal work environment.
More than 75 entrepreneurs from the hotel sector got to know first-hand how to adapt to the current needs on demand by the market.
Presentation at the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia that brought together Colombian hoteliers and other entrepreneurs from the sector.
Thanks to its technology, more users can access the webs and the abandonment ratios of them are reduced.
The Digital Marketing and Direct Channel Specialist teams were given an excellent presentation with practical exercises, insights and recommendations especially prepared for Roiback.
The Peruvian group strengthens its position as a leading hotel chain in the country thanks to a portfolio of 28 hotels that will be increased into 33 during 2018, according to its expansion plan.
We were LIVE on Facebook with our Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, James. He stopped by to lead the conversation on "Tips on marketing for the Easter holidays".
Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are the five countries where BackHotel Lite has already been implemented.