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A successful Digital Empowerment Workshop to help maximizing revenue of direct booking
Roiback, has taken the Europe’s Leading Hotel Booking Solutions Provider award at 2017 World Travel Awards, the travel industry’s most prestigious awards programme, for the second year running.
Roiback confirms that the launching process of the new version of its booking engine Backhotel 4.5 is achieving a 10% improvement in the average conversion rate.
A different hotel. A different type of clientele. A different proposal of services. A different form of marketing. A different perspective of the same location for the client.
Grand Oasis
When it comes to booking a stay at a specific destination, there are many different reasons for booking one place and not another. It depends on the type of holiday desired, the character and preferences of the holidaymaker, the complementary offers of the destination and the price.
A new year has just arrived and new sales opportunities are yet to come.
Some hotel chains, such as Petit Palace Hotels, have already taken their first steps in this direction.
This year, Black Friday will be on Friday 25 th November, a date specially indicated in the United States and celebrated after Thanksgiving Day. During the last 4 years, this celebration has become really popular also in Spain.
"Majorca is a first-level technological incubator for international tourism"