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This year, Black Friday will be on Friday 25 th November, a date specially indicated in the United States and celebrated after Thanksgiving Day. During the last 4 years, this celebration has become really popular also in Spain.
"Majorca is a first-level technological incubator for international tourism"
Roiback, at the travel industry’s most prestigious awards programme.
The search for new services that fit the traveller’s needs has become an obsession in the tourism sector and some have managed to find the perfect formula.
At ROIBACK we keep updating our services to offer you the current leading-edge technology.
At ROIBACK we want to offer you more flexibility for the optimisation of your direct channel.
ROIBACK is GHLs main provider to help them build their website.
2016 the year of direct. Come to the Direct booking Summit
In ROIBACK we keep working hard on our expansion through Europe.