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There’re many ways to generate traffic to our website, but they will be of little use if we cannot deliver what the user is looking for.
The new version of the Backhotel 4.5 engine from Roiback will allow the Palma-based hotel chain to achieve improvements in conversion rates of up to 21%.
It is evident, and no one can deny it, that the ways hotels are commercialized have changed and marketing strategies have also changed.
This week starts the summer in the northern hemisphere and we hope that this season will be memorable for all.
Our Head of Digital Marketing, Felipe Bravo, shows us the keys to improve sales through the direct channel.
Felipe and David jointly gave an excellent presentation yesterday at the Iberostar Cristina Hotel in Playa de Palma for hoteliers.
Aleco talks about the importance of having an attractive website, but mainly about the need for it to convert.
Last week we celebrated the last working breakfast for hoteliers in Medellin, within the roadshow we have carried out in Colombia.
In recent years we have seen more and more websites of chains and independent hotels already incorporate methods to inform the customer of what the price will be in OTAs.