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Gift Cards have become increasingly important thanks to their flexibility and as a method to protect reservations
In addition to offering marketing, loyalty and conversion boosting tools.
2019 was undoubtedly the year of Google Hotel Ads, which has already been going strong since 2017.
Thanks to the integration of both companies, hotel chains and independent hotels have absolute control of their product and their packaged sale at a lower cost.
Currently, hotels are more interested than ever to bet on flexibility in paying prepaid bookings and to advance the collection of credit card reservations.
Hotels that do not want to lose the path of profitability must adapt quickly, looking for formulas that generate demand and liquidity.
The new filters appear in searches in both Google Search and Travel and Maps: Free cancellation and Covid-19 responder rooms (rooms for COVID-19 emergency personnel).
To bid or not to bid, that is the question. Should we start investing in Google Ads or wait?
A simple and effective way to avoid cancellations and protect your liquidity in these difficult times, without any cost to your hotel.