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The Booking Center tool will help you manage the handling of cancellations and modifications in an efficient and fast way.
In recent years we have seen more and more websites of chains and independent hotels already incorporate methods to inform the customer of what the price will be in OTAs.
We are immersed in a permanently connected world, where consumers use different devices to find what they need from anywhere.
Our Creative Director and Portfolio Manager, Raquel Lerones, talks about the advantages of performing A/B Testing in order to obtain better results.
A representation of our IT department is undergoing this week at our Palma office an advanced training of VMware.
Roiback confirms that the launching process of the new version of its booking engine Backhotel 4.5 is achieving a 10% improvement in the average conversion rate.
At ROIBACK we want to offer you more flexibility for the optimisation of your direct channel.
The functionality here described is more user-friendly and its main aim is to reduce the number of bookings cancelled.
We want to let you know about another very important improvement we set up a few weeks ago.