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There’re many ways to generate traffic to our website, but they will be of little use if we cannot deliver what the user is looking for.
It is evident, and no one can deny it, that the ways hotels are commercialized have changed and marketing strategies have also changed.
Our Head of Digital Marketing, Felipe Bravo, shows us the keys to improve sales through the direct channel.
Aleco talks about the importance of having an attractive website, but mainly about the need for it to convert.
Going green is on the rise and it looks like it’s here to stay! 87% of global travellers say they want to travel sustainably according to Sustainable Travel Report.
Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips. What we once thought was implausible and sci-fi, is not so much today.
Mauricio Rodríguez, our Scrum Master at Roiback's HQ in Palma, talks about the importance of using agile methodologies to help create an optimal work environment.
We were LIVE on Facebook with our Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, James. He stopped by to lead the conversation on "Tips on marketing for the Easter holidays".
Valentine’s Day has arrived, and with another holiday comes another opportunity to take advantage of the unique opportunities to produce fresh marketing campaigns and content for your brand awareness and booking leads.