Your hotel technology “al dente”


Spaghetti! In an environment of technological development, we use the term spaghetti when we find a complex situation, disorganized and difficult to solve. At the risk of ruining all the work done.

To avoid this scenario, it is necessary to ensure that the built bases are solid. In the era of the big hotel data, a healthy technological ecosystem will make the difference in the optimization and profitability in the distribution of your hotel.

 The various existing tools must be able to communicate with each other. Which should you choose and how should they be interconnected?

A selection with criteria

When choosing your technology partners, it is important to be clear about the features you need, the budget you want to invest, and the implementation deadlines. In advance, always ask for references and test the level of satisfaction of the service.

To have all the ingredients in addition to the Property Management System (PMS), you will need: Channel Manager, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Revenue Management System (RMS) and its Central Reservation System (CRS).

Multiple partners or a turnkey solution?

Both options are valid technological developments, it will depend on how you want to scale and the independence you want to have. A turnkey solution is usually faster to implement and more affordable but more limited in levels of integration with external partners and replacement of modules of the service offered.

Choosing multiple partners gives you the possibility to have the best and flexibility in managing each module. The integrations tend to be more robust and in the short term the results are optimal. But remember that these are often longer and more expensive implementation projects.

Focus on accuracy of information

More than speed of execution, the important thing is the precision of the information that is communicated between the diverse technological partners. The PMS must be accurate in the information it will send to the RMS and CRM, among other data: the correct market segmentation, product segmentation and customer profile with updated information .... Afghanistan is not the main customer origin of your hotel! Or is it?

Look for certified partners between them, meaning that there is already a warranty seal on the communication between the tools. Opting to be a first mover makes sense in internationally consolidated partners that are entering the domestic market.

And keep in mind that:

The hotel sector is one of the most innovative, and the democratization of technology has made it available to all. Modernizing the digital distribution of your hotel is an opportunity and a priority of the hotel manager. Invest time in the selection of your partners, be assured that they communicate with each other and create your digital distribution ecosystem.

Pedro Gomes

Senior Business Development Manager Portugal 

Pedro has more than 15 years of experience in the sector and is a great expert in e-commerce, revenue management and hotel distribution.


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