When the hotel, rather than the destination, is the main attraction

When it comes to booking a stay at a specific destination, there are many different reasons for booking one place and not another. It depends on the type of holiday desired, the character and preferences of the holidaymaker, the complementary offers of the destination and the price. The decision takes every factor into account but don’t be surprised if some pieces of the puzzle fit better than others. 

In this decision-making, accommodation plays an important part, with hotel chains designing ways to convert their hotels into reference points of the destination, as more of a point of interest and making it almost impossible for holidaymakers not to visit. 

This is the case for Oasis Hotels & Resorts, one of biggest hotel chains in Cancun. Their main trait is a line of beach holiday resorts in Riviera Maya, exactly representing this type of business strategy. At present, their hotels are the reference and meeting point of thousands of holidaymakers from all over the world, especially those coming from Europe and the United States. The key? They make sure their establishments are located exactly where the best parties, shows, and music concerts take place in Cancun. 

Offering this kind of complementary entertainment has opened them up to new opportunities and visibility that not many other hotel chains in the Mexican Caribbean can offer. Their themed parties and festivals are known all over the world and are the main reason why lots of holidaymakers come every year to enjoy them. 

It has not only been a success in the chain’s hotels, which are always fully-booked, but also in nearby hotels. These come in useful for holidaymakers who aren’t able to book at Oasis Hotels & Resorts in Cancun and are left to stay at other hotels close by buying entry to all the parties and shows lasting all season long. 

An Oasis of fun

Guests who come to stay at Oasis resorts in Cancun are normally groups of friends, young people, teenagers or people in their early to mid-thirties with a high percentage coming mainly from the United States. The high season coincides well with the American holiday calendar: Spring Break, summer, Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, the hotels’ programmes make it so that the party seasons last longer, something that really thrills the holidaymakers. 

It’s not easy to arrive to this point. Behind Oasis Hotels & Resorts’ strategy, not only does a lot of money go into it in order to offer unique state-of-the-art facilities, but a lot of analysis and development goes into their ideas, combining the best in the destination’s culture with a range of innovative and fun leisure activities: 

Dj performances, hotel pool parties, themed evening beach parties, Mexican folklore, sampling of local foods, musicals and performances by A-list international music groups at concerts or festivals. 

Accommodation made to measure

However, all these fun extras wouldn’t mean anything without high standard accommodation where the guest can feel at ease with all the comforts they look for in a holiday. 

Oasis Hotels & Resort, the chain with the second largest amount of beds in Cancun (after RIU), offers hotels for all kinds of people with rooms equipped for every type of holidaymaker; family or romantic adults-only resorts and Mexican-style inspired hotels. 

The basis of the hotels is all-inclusive, with the opportunity to add to your experience with premium extras. What’s more, they value being able to offer holidays of rest and relaxation with spa and wellness centres, beauty treatments and gyms within their hotels. 

City resorts

Oasis Hotels & Resort’s scheme doesn’t end there. The chain boasts various hotels in the city centre of Cancun especially orientated around business.  A combination of the scheme’s main characteristics of its beach holidays: comfort, fun and folklore with more innovative technology for business and relaxation. 

The location of these urban hotels in Cancun are well thought about so that guests can count on the hotel being close to one of the main points of interest for business holidays to Riviera Maya along with services to help them disconnect. 

Oasis Hotels & Resorts offers hotels in Cancun and Tulum; the two many tourist districts of Riviera Maya. All the resorts are 4 and 5 stars and are located in the most visited routes of each zone, facing the Caribbean Sea. In total, there are 8 hotels situated in the Boulevard Kukulcan, Chetumal Puerto Juárez Street and Tulum Avenue including: Grand Oasis Palm, Grand Oasis Sens, Grand Oasis Tulum and The Pyramid.



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