We have updated the servers to improve the performance of our services

A representation of our IT department is undergoing this week at our Palma office an advanced training of VMware, manufacturer of server virtualization technology leader in the market.

These training sessions specifically addressed to our Systems, Architecture and Security teams are being conducted by Miquel Mariano, consultant at Ncora, a Mallorcan company based in Sóller, provider of consulting, maintenance, training and cloud services throughout Spain.

The aim of these is to strengthen the knowledge of our new platform based on this virtualization technology that allows us to have our own Private Cloud. We recently successfully completed the migration process of our Core (Bookcore/CRS) to a data center located in Madrid, which will increase the speed of response in our processes and improve performance.

According to our Head of Systems and Infrastructure, Juan Manuel Montoro, "due to this migration we get more reliability, boost, flexibility and scalability for our customers."

"This has been the first step for the consolidation of our infrastructure in a Private Cloud and our intention is to continue in this direction to give a long-term business strategy and we will have our systems controlled ", says Montoro. And adds about the specialized training, "it will allow us to grow and develop new skills to be able to exploit the opportunities available from VMware's technology.”


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