Virtual reality and 3D content: immersive technology that increases conversion rates and sales.


Today’s customers are used to everything and they are hard to impress.

In a context where differentiation is key to attracting the customer, hotel marketing is forced to develop innovative strategies that capture the user's attention - be it on the hotel's website or any other digital medium.

To achieve this, virtual reality and 3D content must be part of any content strategy. This technology, with costs that are perfectly within the reach of any independent chain or hotel, allows hotels to surprise and generate unique experiences so that users interact with the content, and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Virtual reality and 3D content allow users to view the product in an immersive way, very similar to reality. By offering an almost real image to the user - almost as if they were in the hotel or room - they feel closer to the experience and are more likely to book.

At Roiback, the chains and hotels that use this type of content have increased interaction on their websites by up to 15%, improved positive customer opinions and increased conversion by up to 14%.

A good example of how virtual reality and 3D content can be applied to the hotel sector is Matterport technology, which has been a partner of Roiback since 2017.

Matterport allows the user to experience the hotel in a unique way. See this example from Palladium Hotel Group, a Roiback client partner:

This technology can also be introduced into the booking process, which has proven effects on conversion rates.



You can go even further, jumping to augmented reality and adding layers of multimedia information that help generate surprising experiences that bring the product closer to the user in an immersive and original way.

See this example:

At Roiback we were pioneers in offering this technology to the hotel sector, and many of our client partners are already using it with very positive results.

Fortunately, the implementation of virtual reality and 3D content no longer involves exorbitant costs. Today, this technology is within the reach of any independent hotel chain and hotel. Even better, you can finance the cost of production and maintenance with the generated sales.



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