Summer kicks off this Friday in the northern hemisphere and we all want this season to be a bestseller for your direct channel with Roiback booking engine. Here at Roiback we want to help you maximize your sales through the direct channel. That's why we encourage you to create attractive offers and special promotions that stimulate bookings on your official website. A good loyalty strategy, with visibility on social media and sending newsletters, can be your greatest ally, so take advantage of it!

Also, don’t forget to keep your last rooms available on your official website. These are months of high demand and it is important to have the maximum possible quota. Take control and boost your direct channel, before your hotel is filled through intermediary channels that will trigger your distribution cost.

It is important to print exclusivity to your own sales channel. The clients must perceive that when booking on the hotel's official website, they will obtain an exclusive benefit that they would not find in any other online sales channel. To do this: identify the best-selling room types by closing the quota to the OTAs; Apply the least restrictive cancellation policies; Offer the most attractive boards at the best price; Highlight the unique value of booking through the web.

Another key factor in order to achieve the maximum profitability of your online sale is to control your prices and maintain parity with the OTAs to be more competitive. Customers must always perceive that on the hotel's official website they will find the best online conditions, so it is essential to focus on price parity.

If your distribution is wider and you can’t control the PVPs in which the intermediaries sell your hotel, we recommend you using different tools (Advanced Check Check, Engagement Onsite, etc.) to equalize the disparities in real time and consequently increase the conversion rate of the website.

To finish, we remind you the most important:

  • Create offers and special promotions
  • Save the maximum possible quota
  • Offer the best available price
  • Keep your lates rooms always available in your direct channel

Remember that your Direct Channel Specialist (DCS) is always at your disposal to get the most out of your reservations.




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