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The data is overwhelming, according to "Eyefortravel" 86% of travelers use a meta-search engine at some point in the purchase cycle, compared to only 14% who rarely or never do. From 86%, 43% of users start their reservation from the metasearch engine itself.

What do these numbers tell us? They tell us two things, the first that there is a huge opportunity to act on this channel and increase online visibility and quality traffic to the official website of your hotel and the second, that if you are not present in them, others will do it, and your hotel will not participate in the purchase cycle of the vast majority of travelers looking for accommodation. They can work better or worse, since there are many factors that influence the quality of the results, but not trying them is the biggest mistake a hotelier can make.

At Roiback, we do not want this to be just words and we have analyzed the trend of metasearch engines over the past 4 years with data from our hotel partners. The revenue increase from metasearches speaks for itself:

Source: BI Roiback (Revenue from Payment Channels)


If we analyze the trend of only the payment channels, that is, excluding SEO and direct traffic, we can see how the weight of the direct revenue of metasearchers has been rising. At Roiback, we estimate that by 2020, at least 40% of the total payment traffic weight will be reached.

If we do the analysis just between the 2 most important payment channels, SEM and METASEARCHERS, we can see how the metasearchers are improving year after year and have closed 2019 generating 36% of the total revenue of the 2 channels. We also estimate that by 2020, we will probably close with a technical tie and the revenues of these 2 channels will already be even.

Source: BI Roiback (Revenue from SEM and Metasearchers)

One of the great opportunities offered by meta-search engines is to be able to compete equally with the big OTAs that invest millions of euros in marketing. The meta-search channel offers the opportunity to bid for the user click in equal conditions, at a time of the purchase cycle where the customer has already decided the destination and the hotel he wants to stay.

At Roiback, metasearchers already represent 20% of the total income of the hotels and hotel chains that are totally committed with the direct channel and a more daring marketing mix (Metasearchers + SEM + Programmatic + Loyalty + Social Ads…).

Google Hotel Ads in particular, already accounts for 65% of all the revenue from meta-search engines and its growth and visibility continue to increase. Currently, 80% of Roiback’s hotel partners already work with Google Hotel Ads, so if you are still one of the few who do not have active campaigns, contact your Direct Channel Specialist immediately.

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