Room images are already visible in Google Hotel Ads


Google has recently added a new feature that is already available and will gradually appear in the searches, it's "Room photos in Google Hotel Ads."

  • Following its process of improving this product, Google has added room photos to the results to make them much more visible and thus help the conversión rate:





  • If the ad appears in first position, a photo of the first two rooms is included, and by clicking on the link "3 more room prices," it shows the list of the other rooms available also with their respective photo and additional information:



This improvement brings many benefits and the most significant are:

It helps the ad get much more visibility and therefore increase its CTR and conversions.

It allows the advertiser who appears first to take up much more space, capturing more visibility and pushing competition down.

It shows all the available rooms and the differences between them with photos and information, thus helping the sale of the superior rooms that were previously unnoticed.


At Roiback, as Google Premium Partner, we are already sending all this information through our integration, which we always keep updated with the latest features, so it is not necessary to send any request or perform any additional activation.


In short, here at Roiback we are already sending this information to all our hotels and you can see our ads with photos (like the previous example), but since this functionality is new, it could not appear in all searches, however, it will gradually appear more often. Also remember that it only appears if the ad is in first position and occupies this position a large number of times.


If you need more information regarding this, please contact your DCS.



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