Roiback offers to advise on distribution to hotels affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook


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  • ​The tech expert in direct channel management has announced that it will offer free advice to the affected hotels to define a more balanced and profitable distribution strategy
  • The company says that after Thomas Cook's bankruptcy, hotel sales through other channels will increase and may represent an opportunity to improve profitability


Roiback, specialist and leading technology company in the management of the direct channel of hotel sales and based in Palma de Mallorca, has announced that, in an exceptional context for the tourism sector, following the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, and in accordance with its commitment to its customers, the hotels, they have decided to offer advice on optimal distribution to those who have been affected.


The company have explained that, in a situation like the current one, it is important that the hotel sector reconsiders its current business model and, for this reason, and to support those hotels that have traditionally focused entirely on tour operators, the company will offer free onsulting sessions to those hotels that request it.


In addition to free advice, Roiback offers the possibility to test its direct sales leading products for both desktop and mobile, so that hotels can first-hand check the direct sales potential they can have and a plan to look for.  


"The recent bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook has caused many hotels to be undistributed overnight. We have found hotels that had 100% dependence on this tour operator and have been running out of these sales do not know how to face their distribution beyond looking for another tour operator in similar conditions. At Roiback, we think it is time for them to search for an optimal distribution with the objective of less dependence, more control and greater profitability. It is not about making a radical change, mainly because air connections are a key factor in certain destinations and the reliance on tour operator packages is going to still exist, but it is about introducing different additional channels that may make sense including the direct channel if there really is a potential for it," said Rebeca González, Managing Director of Roiback.


González stressed that, "it is about analyzing each case and giving our recommendations as experts in hotel distribution by introducing the direct channel gradually if there is an opportunity for it. It is important that hotels know the benefits that the direct channel has when combined with intermediation, because besides reducing the degree of dependence, it can be the most cost-effective channel if managed correctly and also a better control of the product and the customer," she added.


"It is not about wasting hotels' time or making sterile investments, it is about us looking for the best distribution options together and being able to test out the potential of their direct channel in addition to other options that we can recommend using our knowledge in hotel revenue and distribution," concluded González.


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