The reliability of our booking engine

Case Study Palladium Hotel Group


We have recently launched the first Case Study series. We want our customers and partners to share their experience with Roiback, to talk about our services and how we work. The distribution channel is through a video that we share in our social media platforms, so that those who still do not know us, will know about what we do, and for those who already know us, can have a broader vision of our work philosophy.

Each Case Study is based on a determined case and we focus solely and exclusively on a particular service hired by that partner.

Palladium Hotel Group has been the first customer to talk about the reliability of our booking engine. Alejandro Lazcano, Digital Sales Director, was the one who stood in front of the cameras to explain the experience of the hotel chain since they started working with Roiback.

During the interview, Alejandro says that "the results obtained in the growth of the direct channel have been more than 70% of traffic in the last 3 years and a conversion rate of more than 20%."

On the other hand, Jaime Ramírez, Roiback Software Architect, also participated in this project. Jaime briefly mentions the three essential points about our technological platform and says that “the reliability obtained is mainly thanks to our customers. We have more than 350 hotel chains active and around 1,500 websites, this definitely gives us confidence as to the service we can provide to our clients.”

With the release of this video, we want to publicize our wide range of services, in addition to always being accompanied by a success story, where the clients will focus on exposing their results since we gave starting working together.


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