RB Kidz Tour at our offices in Palma


Last Friday we had a very, very special visit. The doors of our Palma headquarters were open for 16 children, all of them children of Roiback employees.

The fun began as soon as they entered the door. We welcomed them and gave them a badge with their names written, so that their parents' colleagues could identify each kid. Although some were a little shy at the beginning, none forgot to take it and put it on.

The photocall was waiting for them with balloons and Disney music. They just had to look at the camera and say: cheeese!! The happiness of the children with their parents was reflected in every shot captured by the camera.

Then came the most special part ... The kids got to know where their parents work! Each family member did a mini tour of the office with their respective children. First, we showed them the main tool with use at the desk every day, the computer. Some of them played with it and it was difficult to get them out of there. Later we showed them the rest of the offices, the kitchen, the services and the meeting rooms.

In the Mallorca meeting room, the little ones got to know each other, although we won’t lie, the thing they enjoyed most when they entered the door was all the potato crisps, candies and juices that were on the table. The tour ended with an interactive activity where Rubén Gómez, Frotend Developer, gave them the opportunity to participate in the creation of a website. Each kid could choose their favorite color that later was shown on the website. It was a dynamic and lively activity, where the main objective was for the children to understand a little more about the work their parents do with the rest of the team. Some of them too young and it was difficult for them to understand the functions of the job, but that’s why their parents were there, but also to control them with food, because when the "class" ended, there was hardly anything on the plates. They came with a lot of appetite and especially wanting to learn!

After delighting the kids when we handed them a bag with a water bottle and a notebook with paintings, we introduced them to “the boss”. Rebeca González posed with all the children and their proud parents for a fun picture to remember the moment.

Thanks to this great initiative, the rest of the Roiback family was also able to know the mini version of their coworkers. And this doesn’t end here, because in the coming weeks we will all meet again with the other children in what will be the second edition of RB Kids. See you very soon! 


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