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Price Match


In recent years we have seen more and more websites of chains and independent hotels already incorporate methods to inform the customer of what the price will be in OTAs, showing that the direct booking is equal or more economic to the price the customer will find in other distribution channels, and thus generating confidence in the direct channel of the hotel.

However, on many occasions, these channels skip the rules established by the chain or hotel and publish lower prices than those agreed, causing significant damage to the competitiveness of its direct channel.

What's it about?

In order to face this problem, hoteliers have already at their disposal a tool that will help them reverse this situation. The answer is Price Match.

Price Match is a functionality integrated in our BackHotel engine, and developed in collaboration with our partner The Hotels Network.

With this tool, we can easily configure in BackHotel a range of discounts that we will apply automatically to the client in cases where we find a cheaper price in other distribution channels that we track.

That way, the end user will only need a single click to obtain an equal or more competitive price than the one we found in the OTAs.


What are the advantages?

This solution provides important advantages for the direct channel of the hotel if the price parity represents a relevant problem. Makes the most of the "billboard effect" where the user, after consulting different OTAs websites, takes the opportunity to check the Hotel's website before making a reservation. 

The results obtained with some Roiback customers who are testing it show a substantial increase in conversion results, doubling the engine conversion while maintaining the same demand or availability queries.

Example of the effect when applying Price Match to a hotel for a month.

Thus, we can ensure that our users always see the best available price and in any case the average discount that we will have to make will be more profitable than the commission that we should pay to our channel.




Leonardo Llorente

Head of Product 

Leo has over 15 years experience within the industry and has a passion for leading high performance teams.


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