Online check-in: An indispensable tool to adapt to the new normality


Safety distances, capacity restriction and strict hygiene measures. The new normality will fundamentally change the day-to-day life of hotels in the short, medium and, most likely long term.

The key, now more than ever, is to transform today's challenges into opportunities. To do this, hotels must commit to digitization and improving the guest experience.

Easy to implement, online check-in offers great benefits for your hotel operations: you will adapt to the protocols of capacity and distance, improve the experience of your guests and increase the profitability of your business.

Let’s find out more…

What is online check-in?

As its name suggests, it allows your guests to manage the check-in (and check-out) process from any device, mobile or desktop, quickly, easily, securely, and without having to contact your front desk staff.

As we announced just over a year ago, hotels that collaborate with Roiback already have this solution.

How does it work?

The process is carried out in three steps:

  1. All bookings found in the PMS, regardless of the sales channel (direct, OTAs or tour operation) will be able to access a simple online platform from your website – mobile or desktop – or from an automated pre-stay email.
  2. On this web platform, your guest will provide the basic data to locate the reservation in the PMS and to assign the type of room and stay that was booked.
  3. Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest will go through reception so that your reception team can confirm his identity and the number of guests.


If your hotel has a digital door opening system, your guests will not have to collect the keys at reception, and will be able to access the rooms from their mobile phones.

What benefits does it offer?

Adapt to new normality and transform your guests' experience
Digitizing the check-in processes will help to avoid the crowds at your reception, facilitating social distancing and protecting the health of both the employee and the guest.

In these times where each reservation counts, online check-in will help you differentiate your brand and adapt to hygiene and distancing protocols, being able to make the difference between converting a reservation or not.

Speed up the operation of your recepction, reduce costs
Integrated with your PMS, online check-in will make the information of your guests reach your reception staff in an automated way, drastically reducing manual labor and operational management of your teams, and even paper consumption.

If your hotel has a digital door opening system, guests will not have to collect their keys at reception, as they can access their rooms using their mobile phones.

Even without a digital door opening system, waiting times will be reduced by up to 85%, even if customers have to pick up the key at reception.

Get to know your guests better, make CRM and increase your sales
As it is integrated with your PMS, online check-in will be available to all your guests, regardless of the sales channel (direct, OTAs or tour operations). Every time a guest decides to check-in online, you will capture their data, such as name, surname and email.

This will allow you to increase your contact data base and perform more and better marketing actions in the future. By using your own customer data base, you will increase your direct sales, with the benefits that this entails for the value of your brand and the profitability of your business.

Are you interested? At Roiback we can help you

To help you advance in the digitization of your hotel, and specifically online check-in, at Roiback we have reached a strategic agreement with one of the main platforms in the sector.

You will benefit from a special price, rapid implementation, constant support and training to make the process work seamlessly. If you are already a Roiback customer, please contact your Direct Channel Specialist so that they can give you more details about online check-in and all the advantages that it represents for your hotel.


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