New type of travellers, new type of hotels: Ferrer Active

The search for new services that fit the traveller’s needs has become an obsession in the tourism sector and some have managed to find the perfect formula. This is the case for Ferrer Hotels and their concept of holidays for sports’ lovers.

We do not travel as we used to do.

A good hotel and destination are no longer enough. Nowadays we all want a little more, such as bigger and better quality services and more personalization, facilitating the tools to get more out of your time at your chosen destination. We choose the destination and the hotel where we want to stay, especially if we opt for an all-inclusive package, where we already have a very clear idea of what we want the hotel to provide.


For some people it is the gastronomy of the destination, for others it is the architecture, art, history or folklore that draws them to a place; or maybe just the simple enjoyment of time spent with family and increasingly for relaxation, health and wellbeing with their family, group of friends or as a couple. Whatever it is, it is important that the hotel understands its guests and will listen and try to adapt and maximise their service with minimum expenditure to achieve a profit and within a short period of time.


With this aim in mind, and after analyzing the motivations of new travellers, the hotel chain Ferrer Hotels has launched an initiative in its hotels in the north of Majorca which has become a clear example for other companies in the industry: Ferrer Active, holidays for athletes.


Ferrer Active is a complete package of sports activities, services and specialized facilities which are available in some of the hotel chains, in Can Picafort - Son Bauló, Hotel Ferrer Concord (the signature hotel) and Hotel Ferrer Janeiro (one of the most complete). Gymnastics classes, dance, yoga and personalized training programmes are available on demand.


The programmes are available directly on the hotel websites and last throughout the season: March to late October. At a glance you can see the variety on offer, including Zumba classes, modern dance, Aquagym, indoor and outdoor cycling, stretching classes, general fitness, gymnastics and functional training, spinning, cardio or Pilates. All this is supported by quality facilities: semi-Olympic sized heated pool, bike garage with workshop, gym and SPA make the programmes perfect for athletes and beginners.

Hotel + destination: deseasonalization

But the Active experience of Ferrer Hotels is not reduced to those activities and experiences one will find during his stay at the hotel. The chain has taken advantage of the possibilities of the destination in order to collaborate with the main sport events scheduled during the months when the hotels are open. Ferrer Hotels has traditionally sponsored marathons, trail races, competitions and cycling races, sport events...

In this regard, the chain's hotels have become the preferred accommodation option for professional athletes during the competitions in the north of Majorca, either triathlon or golf tournaments. The idea is not only to offer an extra number of services to the travellers during summer, but also to expand the holiday season.

It is a form of deseasonalization: services for travellers less fond of summer, guests who prefer any other season for travelling. They are travellers who usually spend more money in less time, who look for quality, who are demanding but at the same time respectful with the destination and the environment.


Ferrer Hotels stands out for working from a local and familiar perspective. Its hotels have grown and passed down from generation to generation in the same family and are loyal to their original location: Can Picafort, in the north of Majorca. Today, the hotel chain manages a total of 6 hotels and aparthotels, of which 2 are in Puerto de Alcudia, 3 in Can Picafort - Son Baulo and another one in Cala Bona. Apart from the concept Ferrer Active, the hotel chain has other interesting accommodation concepts like its Ferrer Friends (loyalty program) and its special services for families and couples. Ferrer Hotels also stands out for being a hotel chain with a great corporate social responsibility and committed to the environment

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