New booking engine achieving a 10% improvement in the average conversion rate.

Backhotel 4.5, the latest version of Backhotel Engine and whose preliminary version was presented at Fitur 2017, is specially designed to increase direct channel sales for hotels through significant improvements that simplify usage and facilitate customers' purchase decisions. Moreover, Backhotel 4.5 also facilitates hoteliers’ management and is connected to the main Channel Managers, PMS and B2C distributors worldwide, meta search engines, gateways and payment methods, price comparison, reviews’ consolidators and various platforms to enhance direct sales for hotels.
By combining a sleek design, state-of-the-art technology and an exceptional user experience, Backhotel 4.5 engine has been subjected to an intense process of continuous testing which has allowed Roiback to compare the results of the previous version with the current one and go progressively implementing features throughout the year with increasingly better results. This continuous testing guarantees an engine which continuously evolves looking for a higher conversion and adapting to the behavior of users.
The new version is implemented and in use at 123 hotels in Europe, Asia and America including Ilunion Hotels (Spain), Intertur (Spain), Krystal Hotels (Mexico), Original Group (Mexico) or Parador Hotels & Resorts in Indonesia. For Roiback, it marks a further step towards positioning itself in the market as a leader in powering direct sales for hotels
Linda Muhis, from Parador Hotels & Resorts in Indonesia, confirms that "Roiback highlights as its slogan says. They are not a conventional Booking Engine provider, but they offer a complete end-to-end solution with a high level of customization."

Main improvements of Roiback’s booking engine

1-Optimized design

More optimized design that allows to take the whole width of the screen in order to facilitate the visualization of all the elements and improve the interaction with the user

2-Intuitive icons and cancellation policies messages

  • Use of descriptive and intuitive icons with information on the services available in each type of room
  • Cancellation policies messages to increase conversion

3-More usability

Developed usability with improvements in main configuration items of the shopping cart, such as the selector of occupation or the summary of the shopping basket at the top of the page during the navigation

4-Easy navigation

Improvements in the navigation with the possibility to add extras to the room without leaving the current navigation
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