Metabase: the platform to analyse the reporting of your metasearch campaigns is now here


Metasearch engines are one of the main sales channels for hotels. The data speaks for itself:

  • They are a high return channel, located very close to the purchase decision making, with an average ROI of €15 for every euro invested.
  • They account for between 25% - 50% of digital marketing budgets, depending on the type of hotel or chain.
  • In 2021, sales through metasearch engines have increased by 40%, compared to 2019.

At Roiback we have always bet on metasearch engines as a strategic channel to achieve more sales, at a competitive acquisition cost. The direct integration of our booking engine with the different metasearch engines - which enables more advanced management - allows us to optimize campaigns to achieve the highest possible levels of campaign profitability.

And now we are going one step further, providing our clients with Metabase, a reporting platform that allows advanced monitoring of the results and performance of campaigns and investments in metasearch engines.

The activation process for your hotel is quick and easy, and the benefits are many!




Metabase brings together in one tool all the information you need to analyce and understand the performance of your campaigns and, in turn, make more informed and effective decisions.





Although you will always have a Roiback Digital Account Manager to help you understand and analyse the results of your metasearch campaigns, we have created Metabase with a very careful design and functionality so that when you access it, you will find an intuitive and simple platform that makes your life easier. 





The visualisation of information, be it graphs, tables or the evolution of figures, is presented in an exquisite way to provide clear answers to complex questions.




We have the information, and you decide how to visualise it. You can view bookings and other KPIs at the level of granularity and detail you want: consolidated, or by metasearch engine and campaign (including Free Booking Links), hotel, market, time slot, among many options.





Up-to-date indicators so you can review your campaigns anytime, anywhere.

Contact your DCS to activate Metabase!


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