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We are immersed in a permanently connected world, where consumers use different devices to find what they need from any place. Both in the moments and in the micromoments "I want to buy" or "I want to know", users use mobile devices at any time of the day and for this reason it is essential to have an optimized mobile solution in order to get the most out of the mobile channel.

The patterns of users have changed and although reservations through desktop devices continue to grow, the mobile device is becoming a fundamental channel in direct sales. In fact, in Roiback the proportion of mobile vs. desktop of the mobile channel bookings are growing at a rate of 20% more in the first half of the year.

But it is in the last minute bookings and in those of just one night stays where the mobile has more importance, since the last minute ones are more than 2 times higher in smartphones than in desktop and almost 4 out of 10 reservations in the mobile are just one night stays.

Mobilis Pro

In this context, and in order to adapt to the needs of the market, here at Roiback, we have developed Mobilis Pro. It is a unique product in the sector that allows hoteliers to improve their customers' mobile experience, due to the fact that it has been specifically developed for this channel.

Mobilis Pro represents an important leap in the management of the mobile direct channel, since it has 100% usability designed for smartphones. It is very similar to an App, but without the need to download, and thanks to its simple design and great usability, it makes the reservation process easier and can be done quickly.

Advantages for hotels

Both independent hotels and hotel chains can benefit from this product that offers multiple advantages. With a simple, intuitive, functional and intelligent design, Mobilis Pro strengthens the brand of hotels, improving sales through an interface fully adapted to mobile, providing a great experience for users.

Another advantage of this product is its high loading speed, with fast response times that allow a pleasant user experience in the frenetic mobile world. It is estimated that 40% of users will leave if the website of a hotel takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobilis Pro takes advantage of Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology as a formula to dramatically increase the upload speed to reach times of around one second. This way, one of the most important factors of abandonment of users is eliminated, which, according to Google, reduces the conversion by 10% for each additional second after three seconds.


The award-winning booking engine BackHotel 4.5 is fully adapted in Mobilis Pro and works together with the desktop solution to obtain the best conversion results in the market. Takes advantage of all the power of the CRS itself with its configuration of rates, offers, loyalty, different policies by markets, devices and traffic sources. In addition, exclusive commercial strategies can be configured for the mobile channel.

Constant updates and optimizations

One of the latest updates incorporated in Mobilis Pro has been the loyalty module, a set of tools and functionalities that will help hoteliers to better understand their customers' preferences, improve their shopping experience and offer them advantages and special conditions.

We can also highlight the integration of Video Tours 360, a completely new form of 3D immersion that invites the user to explore the hotel, as if it were really there or the use of Facebook Messenger as a direct way of communication between the Hotel and the client through Mobilis Pro.


In short, Mobilis Pro is a tool that allows hoteliers increase their direct bookings, reduce distribution costs and improve profitability by working in parallel with the desktop solution to obtain the best conversion results. In fact, the mobile channel in Roiback intervenes in the decision process and it is estimated that it helps generate desktop reservations 38% of the time.



Leonardo Llorente

Product & Innovation Director 

Leo has over 15 years experience within the industry and has a passion for leading high performance teams.


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