Increase by 35% the conversion rate of your bookings


  • Our study shows that an adequate booking center service allows to increase the average reservations price up to 60%.
  • On average, one out of every four calls received by a hotel is potentially revenue-generating.
  • 6 out of 10 hotels do not have a specialized booking center service.

A key factor to boost hotel direct sales is to have a specialized booking center service, however the most common error is the lack of such service.

According to our study the sales through the telephone channel can increase the conversion rate by 35%, as well as cross-selling and up-selling, thus enabling the price to be adapted and to increase the profit up to 60% of the average reservation price. However, 6 out of 10 hotels do not have an appropriate booking center.

Rebeca González, Managing Director of Roiback, highlighted that “one out of every four telephone contacts with the hotel is a potential revenue generator, either as a new reservation or modification. For this reason, it is an important channel of the direct sales that we should streamline as much as possible, but, by contrast, many hotels -especially the small ones- neglect it”. In addition, Rebeca added: “To offer a good telephone booking service is very expensive and it requires a great specialization. That’s why many hotel chains outsource this service to specialized booking centers.”

The more calls are answered, the more sales are made. At the same time, it increases the conversion ratio and reduces cancellations up to 20%. Furthermore, upgrading opportunities are better leveraged, allowing the hotel to increase its revenues and the client receives a better and more personalized service.

According to our experts, the optimization of the telephone channel would not only increase revenues, but also reduce costs, since resources are streamlined with advanced technology and all customers are adequately attended while the extra cost of personnel, among other indirect costs, are avoided. In addition, they emphasize that in order to maintain a homogeneous quality service it is important to have an experienced team that prepares monitoring reports to allow improving both qualitative and quantitative figures.

At Roiback, as experts of the direct channel, we offer to our clients the option to hire a booking center service, which allows them to increase sales, reduce costs and improve the quality of their service. This service offers a 24/7 attention in any language, uses advanced contact center technology which allows the prioritization of queued calls, call me back, web support chat, among others; and it conducts an advanced analysis and reporting system,” informed Rebeca.


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