Hotel Piscis Alcudia, a new website for a diverse concept

During the early 60’s, when there was a boom in the travel industry, many of the hotels you’ll still see today were established. As they were just starting out, many replicated each other with hardly any prior influences to steer them in the right direction. Now, in the 21st century, we understand that, even though keeping the same is comfortable, change is necessary in an industry that continues to be the lead factor in Spain’s economy…
Stick to the same clientele or broaden your horizons? When trying to establish themselves in such a competitive industry, many hotels would take the same direction for the theme of their hotels within their chain. This makes it easier and more tactical to develop a rapport with customers within a certain sphere. For example, if the client knows that a certain hotel chain caters for their kind of holiday, they will probably continue going to the same hotel they’ve enjoyed staying at during previous years, or with the knowledge that the chain offers similar-themed hotels, will try something ‘different’ with peace of mind that, no matter how different the chain’s other hotels may be, they will still offer the same kinds of services, facilities and quality as their other ones.  
Once established in this genre, hotel chains can follow two, different directions.
The first is: stay with the theme, and build on it. Develop a business of similarly-themed hotels (e.g.: family, adults-only, premium 5 star or urban…) and make a name for themselves in the travel industry. This can be very advantageous to the chain as, based on how successful and big the establishment becomes, they will be the go-to for the type of holiday they specialise in. This will be promoted even more by holiday comparison websites, tour operators and travel agents. After all, there’s a process when booking a holiday (destination, period of stay and of course, the most important one and the one most relevant to this strategy: type of holiday) and a hotel continuing to build on the same theme may mean a more, long-term, concrete stamp on the tourism industry.
The second one is: add new and different hotels to the chain’s profile, in the same or a different location. This is advantageous because it adds diversity and variation to their portfolio. It brings in different clientele that may not have considered choosing their chain before as, previously, it did not suit what they were looking for. This kind of diversity may even provoke faster expansion and growth for the company with all the choice available for its customers. This is different to the abovementioned, where the expansion may be more gradual due to the similar theme and thus fierce competition in this industry.
The same or different location? That is the question. An advantage of a different-themed hotel but in the same location could be that clients feel more comfortable visiting the same location they have been for years. They know what kind of commodities and services are offered by this location and are set in their ways. What’s more, there are many locations these days that offer an abundance of activities for different kinds of travel like Santa Ponsa in Majorca. These crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches attract all types of holidaymaker: old or young; adult or child; those seeking leisure or business...
On the other hand, if you want to establish a different hotel, why not a different location? After all, change is a part of life and human nature. Especially so in the travel industry where chains have to do everything they can to stand out above the rest. Having a bit of diversity location-wise will help reach more customers as well: new customers to the destination who are looking for a certain type of holiday in any location within that destination. Or maybe returnees to the destination who are looking for a different hotel to their usual.  
An example of this is Hotel Piscis Adults Only as part of Gran Isla Hotels in Majorca. Most of the Gran Isla Hotels establishments are family-orientated and located in the south of Majorca in locations like Santa Ponsa and Palmanova. They are all different but all family-focused. On the other hand, they also have their Hotel Piscis Adults Only resort located in the north of the island in Alcudia.  
A different hotel; a different clientele; a different location. The hotel has made its mark on Alcudia with many adults from all over the world coming to the island and staying at Hotel Piscis during sport tournaments like this year’s Nirvana Ironman 70.3 Mallorca or football & rugby beach tournaments where they receive a discount from the hotel when they choose to stay there. And of course, a new concept means a brand new website launched by us at Roiback. The website is aimed just at Hotel Piscis Adults Only customers and is distinct to Gran Isla Hotel’s main website.  
Moving on, developing and growing is what we all aim for in this fast-paced and changing industry, something that Gran Isla Hotels, amongst others, intends to do…  
Gran Isla is a family hotel group offering holiday experiences in Majorca family-to-family with over 25 years of experience on the island. Its hotel locations are Santa Ponsa for its Pirates Village Apartments, Jutlandia Family & Plazamar Serenity resorts, Palmanova for its Tropico Playa Hotel and Alcudia for its Hotel Piscis Adults Only establishment.
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