Gift Card: avoid cancellations, protect your liquidity and build customer loyalty


Press Release


Roiback, specialist and leader in the management of the direct channel of hotel sales, announces the launch of its Gift Card, a simple and effective tool to avoid cancellations, protect your liquidity and build customer loyalty.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Roiback has focused on providing tools to hotels to mitigate the negative effects of this situation. We have already offer our Booking Center module free of charge, and a few weeks ago we launched ePayments Manager, an innovative system to make payments more flexible.

Today we present the Gift Card, a simple and effective way to avoid cancellations and protect your liquidity in these complicated times, at no additional cost for your hotel.


How does the Gift Card work?

When a customer wants to cancel a reservation through the website or the call center or reservations department of your hotel, you can offer a card (or voucher) for the amount of the prepaid reservation for a future reservation.

Once the Gift Card is activated, the cardholder will receive an email with a code that can be redeemed during the booking process, both to purchase hotel stays, add-ons or services.

The customer can redeem it - through the website or the call center or reservations department of your hotel - as many times as he wishes until the balance of the Gift Card is exhausted.


What are the benefits of the Gift Card?

  • Avoid booking cancellations, offering a flexible alternative for the customer.
  • Protect the liquidity of the hotel, maintaining reservations in the system, even if it is for future arrivals.
  • Ensure the return of the customer in the near future, postponing the reservation instead of cancelling it.


Improve your customer experience and boost your brand. Currently, the more flexibility and alternatives you offer your customers, the safer they will feel when making a reservation at your hotel. In case of changing plans, you will be offering alternatives to postpone your stay.

How is the Gift Card used?

  • Return or refund. The Famous “Postpone, Don’t Cancel”

Offer an alternative to cancellation. Provide greater flexibility to your customers and more liquidity to the hotel, avoiding customer loss and ensuring a future reservation.

  • Conversion and loyalty

Offer incentives to generate new reservations. For example, discount vouchers for future bookings: “We offer you a €15 for your next booking!” or “Book before 31/05 and get €20 discount on your reservation.”

You can also encourage the return to your hotel, building customer loyalty: “To thank you for your trust in us, we offer you a Gift Card worth €25 for your next stay."

  • Booking multiplier

Offer them as a gift (a special person, family member or friend and business rewards), to generate additional demand and create incremental revenue.

“Flexibility, alternatives to your customers and liquidity for your hotel. Our Gift Card will allow you to adapt to the current situation and offer your customers more flexibility and alternatives when making a reservation. At no additional cost to your hotel and immediately available, our Gift Card is an effective tool to stop cancellations, increase conversions and retain your customers, or as a creative way to generate incremental revenue,” said Leonardo Llorente, Head of Product Innovation at Roiback.


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