Direct booking workshop for hoteliers in Ubud


Our Senior Business Development Manager in APAC, Fandy Gunawan, represented Roiback as a guest speaker in a workshop event organized last week in Ubud, Indonesia, in collaboration with our partner, Userguest, and AsiaPay, attended by 45 hoteliers from the region.


The event was conducted with the intention of providing ideas to the hoteliers in order to find the best features of a booking engine, an optimized website and payment gateway, three key elements to support direct sales.


Fandy spoke about the importance of the direct channel and explained different strategies to increase web traffic and direct bookings. He also talked about the most significant features of a good booking engine and the tools used in order to improve web performance.


“Businesses in the region of Ubud are very stable and with the right tools and support, I am sure direct bookings will get all the benefits versus other channels,” said Fandy.


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