Celebrating a year of growth at our HRM 2019!


We recently celebrated our Half Year Review Meeting at the Hotel PortBlue Club Pollentia. The magnificent hotel rests on one of the most beautiful places on the island, the bay of Pollença and it was truly the perfect setting for a day full of presentations, thanks, congratulations and laughs, lots of laughs.


Being 'the event of the year' it was important to have all our teammates from across Europe to be part of this day. So, our 'colleagues' in Portugal and Italy hopped the seas over to attend.


The event started with Rebeca González, Managing Director of Roiback, who summarised the fiscal year and concluded by pointing out that we have exceeded the commercial objectives that were set for the year. Rebeca thanked the work and efforts made during all these months to each of the departments and encouraged the team to continue in the same line of growth together.


In the video summary of the year, various events appeared that have marked a before and after in the company: Europe's first accessible booking engine, being the first company in Spain to offer direct integration with 'Book on Google', and not forgetting, for the fourth time in a row, we have been awarded the best solution provider for hotel reservations.







After the coffee break, senior managers from each area presented their objectives for the upcoming months. The growing presence of Roiback in Latin America was also emphasized. A special mention was made for Colombia, where almost all of the major hotel chains are connected with us. 


After a morning of presentations, the team enjoyed a delicious meal and fantastic views of the sea. Although it seems too short, it gave time to warm up our engines for the activities of billiards, ping-pong, yoga, dance, and spa! Everyone dressed accordingly the team had an hour to disconnect and socialise with their peers and finish the day of the best possible way!


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