A booking engine with superpowers


Yes, it is a reality! Superpowers no longer belong exclusively to the universe of fiction. Technology developments over the past decade have allowed the booking engine to be at a superhero level.

It is because of the booking engine that hoteliers can count on converting traffic that is channeled to their website and thus optimizing digital direct selling, strengthening, and taking your website closer to a top-selling channel. 

Do you know how to evaluate how super powerful your booking engine is?


A bulletproof personalized experience

The great advantage of the hotel website over other platforms is that we can treat the customer as if they were already inside the hotel, even though it is in a sales phase.

There is a unique opportunity to customize the client journey with the client’s name, and equally important is an opportunity to offer the client the best price of the day, without excuses for the disparities in hotel distribution.

The customer should also be free to choose the items they wish to purchase during the same booking process by making their own personalized package. Not to mention, allowing the customer to be surprised by exceeding their expectations, offering to upgrade and optimize the availability of base rooms that are usually first sold.


Mobile superspeed at your fingertips

The traffic from your hotel website should make the crossover to mobile visits as it is possible for 55% of your traffic to come from this platform.

Each user spends an average of 3 hours per day navigating on their smartphone, and in micro moments format people navigate about 150 times a day on their smartphone. The user demands load times under 3 seconds, and as 67% of mobile movements are done by the right thumb, it is also imperative that the user experience is optimized accordingly.

33% of all reservations are done from a mobile, and a large share of desktop reservations also started from the mobile platform. Therefore, a mobile responsive version of your website is no longer sufficient, but instead, what is needed is  a sales-focused mobile solution that is aimed to maximize on conversion.


Turns direct selling into a true super strength

Now there are new superpowers available to the hotelier! Hotel website availability and pricing can now be distributed through metasearch, in-turn increasing visibility and direct channel bookings by up to 20%.

There are several metasearch options available, but in particular Google Hotel Ads has increased its sales threefold over the past year. The metasearch channel is price sensitive but allows the hotelier to create positive disparities in their favor, for example by sending the loyalty price. Therefore, we would suggest it is strategically important to allocate 15% to 40% of your digital marketing budget to metasearch.


X-ray vision that automates and builds direct customer loyalty

Now is the time to digitize your hotel loyalty program and implement it with the necessary automations to communicate your benefits and interact with your client.

Loyal customers can represent a 25% annual increase in revenue for the hotel. They spend on average twice as much as the sporadic customer, and 60% of their bookings are long stay. It is also important to mention that consumers only consider brands that understand them and care about them!


And for the ever-present

Often viewed as a commodity, we tend to overlook basic functionality in a booking engine. This digital tool has evolved a lot and is no longer just a button.

The age of mobile superspeed, metasearch distribution superpower, x-ray vision that allows direct customer loyalty, and a bulletproof personalized booking engine is now a digital reality!


Pedro Gomes

Senior Business Development Manager Portugal 

Pedro has more than 15 years of experience in the sector and is a great expert in e-commerce, revenue management and hotel distribution.


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