The benefits of A/B Testing to help increase conversions

We call A/B test to an experiment that is applied randomly on the users of one or several websites with two variants, A and B, being one the control and the other the variant. These experiments are of great importance, we must put our focus on doing them well and repeat them continuously in order to improve the conversion of all the projects we have developed.

By creating and launching at the same time two versions of the same content and always changing a single element to be sure that this change has worked, we check which works best based on the metrics we obtain after a certain time .

Currently it is more than proven that the conversion rate can improve or be completely ruined only with a small color change in buttons or titles, for example, minimum variations can have relative conversion improvements of up to 200%, as we have seen when analyzing the results of some A/B tests that we have done in Roiback.

"Rate Conversion of the process = Objectives achieved / Number of interested visits"

It is very important to define which are the conversions that interest us (visits to a page, click on an element, purchases...) since the tool can also check the performance of each variation according to these indicators.


Working based on the performance of A/B tests allows us to evolve in the way we propose developments and changes in our projects. Although from experience we could intuit that somethings would work better than others, the fact of trying different options helps us to know it with certainty. Also, although sometimes the results may surprise us because they are different to what we originally imagined, we always have to apply the winning changes, since there is nothing more reliable than numbers.


Conducting A/B testing continuously is an advantageous way to obtain fast and real feedback based on user data from our websites and booking engine, which is why it is one of the methods we use when evolving all our projects and functionalities.

Another great advantage of A/B testing is the security it gives us when it comes to innovation, since it is an option that allows us to take some risks when trying new ideas, but without taking great risks.

In addition, we increase the profitability of the direct channel. When testing two versions of elements of a page, the final result will show us with data which version is more successful among users, in order to know if they like it, to facilitate interaction with the interface or simplify the process. Once implemented the format that best suits the user needs, it will be easier for them to perform the action that the brand wants, in our case, book on the website of the hotel, increase the number of registered users, etc.


Our main objective is to identify these small changes that help us achieve better results and increase conversion.



Raquel Lerones

 Creative Director & Portfolio Manager


Raquel holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and has more than 15 years of experience in design and web usability in the tourism sector.

I never get bored at work, the intense pace of development is one of the reasons why I love it, as well as the long after-meal chats in good company, which I can't resist.


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