5 key factors for delivering customer value


At Roiback we are very aware of the following five factors that constantly help us generate value in what we do. We think it is essential to know what we want, to be aware of our priorities, where we intend to reach and how to do it.  

Customer satisfaction:

Our highest priority is customer satisfaction through continuous and early delivery of valuable software.  In this way we can quickly learn from the feedback of our customers to adjust the course if necessary. It is vital to work together with users and customers to ensure that what we are delivering brings value. 

Motivated people:

The products are developed around motivated people, through optimal resources and all the necessary material for the development of their work.  People's knowledge is very important for the development of the company, teamwork and the spirit of collaboration among all members, it is essential.


That all members of the organization have the same vision of the process and the product.  It is essential to have a complete and honest communication about everything that happens, as well as a clear visibility of the projects to be able to find possible points of improvement among all the members of the team, in addition to communication with the stakeholders.

Transparency and trust go hand in hand, and it's something we need to internalize, losing the fear of feedback. Relying on every teammate is necessary to build powerful things among all.  

Accept the change:

The world changes and evolves faster and faster. It is demanding, selective and relies on a technology that evolves in leaps and bounds, but always to facilitate the lives of humans. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared to respond quickly to the adversities that may arise along the way. 

Thanks to the agile software development we can quickly adapt to the changes to better serve our customers, inspecting and testing new ways of doing things.


It's important to reflect on the ways we do things, the good ones to keep doing it, and what's not so good in order to change and improve it.  We must foster the spirit of reflection as people and team, our processes and the tools that help us in our daily lives.


Mauricio Rodríguez

Scrum Master

Mauricio is a computer engineer with extensive experience in software analysis, design and development.

When I'm not investigating the latest trends in the industry about agile methodologies, I like to take a dip on the beach, cook a tasty dish or go watch some Star Wars movie.


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