4 ways to make your hotel profitable, without offering overnight stays. Be original and get the most out of your hotel


When things are going well and our hotel fulfills its core mission of providing accommodation to guests who visit the destination, whether they are leisure or business stays, the need to make the most of the possibilities offered by our hotel does not usually come up.

It is during times of crisis that creativity and ingenuity must be sharpened. Thinking “out of the box” as the English would say.

Hotels have facilities to offer multiple services and possibilities in addition to the typical accommodation and breakfast offering. If we give it a spin, we will surely find different options to the conventional uses of your hotel.

In this article we present different options - already used by many of the hotels that work with Roiback - that will allow you to make your room usage more flexible and obtain additional profitability for your hotel.

Rooms by Hours

Why not? It is a practical and simple way to obtain profitability with a minimum operating cost.

There is demand from travelers who are passing through and from executives who come to the city for work meetings.

Likewise, for romantic getaways for local clients who will require a reservation, confirmation and payment system that ensures discretion. 



Smart Working Rooms

Many of us are telecommuting or will be for much of the year. Hoteliers should seize the opportunity.

If you have spacious rooms with the possibility of offering a good work environment, create this new type of room and promote your hotel for the “Tele-Hotel-Work”.

Either for clients who must spend a season in your destination for professional needs, or for clients who have the opportunity to combine work with pleasure – or bleisure - this is a great option to get extra revenue from your room.

How many of us would not like to be teleworking from the beach or from the mountains? 



Rental Offices

Homeworking, although it has been forced on us this time around, is here to stay in one way or another.

Why no offer meeting rooms that companies so that they can hold team meetings, whether they are one-offs or on a regular basis? Many hotels can offer this type of coworking space for which perhaps a few months ago there was not much demand in the market. 


Food and Nap

What a great plan it is to drive to another city or a town, take a walk visiting the destination, calmly taste the typical dish of the area and then be able to take a quiet and long nap before being on your way again?

Many hotels have the possibility of offering this service, which is very easy to organize and can provide interesting returns, as well as an excellent opportunity for loyalty and promotion.

Just offer a well-prepared table, the specialty of the house and rooms to sleep in for a few hours.


The reality of each hotel and destination will allow different options for generating income. Perhaps different from those originally intended for the hotel, but perfectly feasible and profitable.

From the most obvious, such as the operation of the SPA facilities, restaurant and meeting rooms, to the most imaginative, such as the ones we have reviewed here.

Let's be positive and imaginative and come out of this challenging situation with new learning, experiences and ways to make our property profitable!


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