3D and 360º immersion, another key tool to improve direct sales


Press Release


Roiback announces 110% increase of conversion in users exposed to immersive 3D
videos in its booking engine


  • The technology company has collaborated with FirstView to extend the use of virtual tours in hotels that use direct selling solutions
  • Considering the growth of the direct channel, it is an investment with a very interesting ROI for quality hotel products


The Spanish technological company Roiback, specialist in the management of the direct channel of hotels sales, and FirstView, a company focused in the development of marketing and sales tools for hotels based on the use of 3D, 360° and virtual reality technology, have shown an increase of at least 110% of the conversion in users who use Roiback’s booking engine and who are exposed to virtual reality content at the time of purchase, compared to those who only see the traditional content.


A year ago, both companies signed a collaboration agreement to extend the use of innovative virtual tours among hotels that use Roiback direct sales solutions, to improve the online user experience and increase the web conversion by facilitating better hotel product communication. The hotels would no longer be limited to static photographs, but they would be able to show their future clients all the different spaces of the property in maximum detail, using one of the most advanced immersive technologies available in the market.


The implementation carried out by Roiback offers from the beginning the possibility of clicking on the image of the room to explore it, and automatically the virtual 3D tour of the room starts. This same window, non-invasive for the user, also shows a small description of the room, as well as its main features. Everything is indicated with icons for quick visual identification by the client.


The increase in the conversion of reservations in the Roiback engine has been demonstrated after analyzing almost 6,000 users, half of whom were exposed to virtual content in the most expensive rooms, compared to those who saw traditional photographs and videos. Even among certain user groups, the conversion increased to 2.49 percentage points compared to users who did not see immersive FirstView content.

“The results of this study show that the combination of our reservation technology with immersive 3D and 360° content that FirstView creates not only facilitates communication but also has a direct impact on the sales profit of our hotel customers”, highlighted Rebeca González, Managing Director of Roiback.

Also, Antonio Batanero, CEO of FirstView has stated that “where it seemed almost impossible to increase the conversion rate even a few tenths, we have managed to increase it, at least, 110%! Considering the increasing growth of the direct channel, we are facing the investment with the highest ROI that a hotel can make today.




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