We offer BenchDirect tool from The Hotels Network for free, a new competitive analysis platform for the hotel direct channel.


We are excited to present to you Benchdirect, the revolutionary new platform from The Hotels Network that will allow you to analyze and compare the performance of your chain or hotel with that of your competitive set and the wider market.

Benchdirect is completely free of charge (forever) for Roiback clients, Benchdirect allows you to access a wide range of KPIs from your direct channel, comparing the results with similar hotels and hotels in the same destination.

Here's a snapshot:

  • Rates and price disparities, including the frequency and amount of disparities.
  • Reservations and pick-up, including average booking value, average daily rate, occupancy, average stay, and booking window.
  • Future demand: distribution of searches and stay dates.
  • User-behavior by device, country, and source of traffic.
  • Website and booking engine traffic: visits, searches, and conversion rates.


These are some of the KPIs that you will have access to with Benchdirect.

Take advantage of your free trial!

If you are already a client of The Hotels Network, access BenchDirect at the following link with the same credentials that you currently use on their platform:


If you are not yet a client of The Hotels Network, request your free account here:


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