The wonderful world of the Book Now


Over 15 years have passed since the digital channel has become a key part of the hotel business. However, are we satisfied with the results? The typical reliance on distribution for customer acquisition continues in the digital world, and in parallel, the growth of sales on hotel websites is slow.

Should we ask why?

We know that today, more than ever, there are many good partners to boost direct web sales of hotels. And we also know, that to achieve different results and for the better, we have to take different measures. It is possible to create a wonderful world by booking on your hotel website!

Go back and make sure you have a solid foundation

Gather information in detail and compile a list of your digital items. As an example, know in advance where your domain is hosted, whether your website has secure protocol, access your Google Analytics and whether you are getting data from your website and booking engine. Make the list as complete as possible, returning to the most basic information if necessary. The goal is to have a retrospective of the current state and know where to act ... Ah! Take a column to assess your mobile compatibility.

Invest or give up!

Invest time, invest resources, invest passion! In order to be a reality the disintermediation of your hotel, it is fundamental to bet strong on your direct channel. Distribution already does, promoting the OTA brand through the representation of your hotel.

Take action:

  •  Eliminate Google ads from OTA in the name of your hotel.
  •  Eliminate FIT rates on B2C channels.
  •  Aquire a disparity control tool.
  •  Create disparities in the direct channel, with exclusive mobile prices, meta search, by target markets and with the option mix rates on your website.
  •  Invest in advertising with Google Ads campaigns for brand protection and target market prospects.
  •  Enable Google Hotel Ads integration to make direct channel pricing available for meta search.
  •  Activate a loyalty module, offering exclusive advantages for those who book direct.

Keep in mind

Get ready and position yourself to take advantage of Google's investment in the travel industry:

  •  65% of the bookings generated by meta search come from Google Hotel Ads.
  •  Meta search reserves already account for 12% of total hotel bookings and grow at a high rate.
  •  Invest time in creating your list of digital items and make sure you have the basics in hand.
  •  Invest resources in Google advertising and be present with your direct channel on Google Hotel Ads.
  • Invest in your strategy by creating price disparities on the direct channel only - mobile, by markets, meta search and mix rates.


Enjoy the wonderful world you have just created!


Pedro Gomes

Senior Business Development Manager Portugal 

Pedro has more than 15 years of experience in the sector and is a great expert in e-commerce, revenue management and hotel distribution.


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